Working with HopeLife

How to Get Involved

Guided by the will of God to strengthen the weary and provide hope to the hopeless, we pursue our mission with diligence and compassion. We seek open-hearted individuals who feel called by God to take action and make a difference. If this describes you, we will help you achieve this goal.

HopeLife is like any other Church – it was built and is maintained by a few select individuals, who believe in the message and the ideology associated with the organization. Others become involved when and if they are called by the Holy Spirit and moved to support our ministry. We do not solicit this on our behalf, but rather, we leave the outcome of these things in the hands of the LORD.

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Your HopeLife – Local Gatherings of Christian Fellowship

Our ministry may be primarily online, but it’s made of real people all over the country – and the world. People who seek to make a difference – and live the difference – wherever they are in life.

The online venue allows us to share our beliefs as widely as possible, but gathering together to worship still has great importance. As such, we encourage believers to form small groups of Christian fellowship that meet regularly – often in the homes of various members, as was the custom in the early church of Paul’s time.

If you are seeking to start a fellowship / worship group in your city or region, we would love to support you and help you find more like-minded souls in your area to be a part of the worship experience.

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Site Contributions

We work hard to provide helpful materials and resources on our site at HopeLife – but the process requires an incredible amount of time and dedication.

Remember, unlike secular blogs and YouTube channels, HopeLife is a Christian outreach. This means that every piece of content we place online must not only meet basic secular quality standards – but also the significantly higher standard of values applied when presenting Christ – King of all kings and God of all the universe – to a fallen world!

If you wish to contribute, please write us!  Let us know what sort of content you can bring to the table, and give us an idea as to who you are, what brought you here, and what your relationship with God means to you.

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Social Networking

We started HopeLife in order to share the good news of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible – both online and in small groups throughout the world. This only works however, when people visit our site to watch, listen to, or read the content provided. As such, getting the word out is imminently important! 

If you enjoy the work we do, you don’t have to donate money to show your appreciation – simply repost, share, like, re-tweet, or whatever else your preferred social media platform allows. Your support on social networks is vital to our growth, and we thank you for it!

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Food, Medicine, Supplies & More

Part of living the Christian life is seeking to put others before ourselves. By spending our time, energy and resources helping others, we hope to show just the slightest glimpse of the nature of God to a fallen world that desperately needs Him.

HopeLife is constantly searching for unexplored avenues to help the less fortunate – and we have established connections with other select ministries and charities to accomplish this purpose.

From time to time, these Christian brothers and sisters request help in the form of food, water, clothing, medical supplies and equipment, and other goods. If you’re interested in donating something to help the needy, the poor, the homeless, the sick and the suffering, get in touch with us and we’ll help you connect with partners in faith who are in need.

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Monetary Donations

Keeping our ministry alive requires many kinds of resources – and the most universally flexible resource we can use to reach out to a world in need of Christ is financial. We offer one-time giving opportunities, as well as monthly or yearly donation plans to fit any lifestyle and budget.

HopeLife is a registered non-profit organization, and as such your gifts are tax-deductible. 

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